Vicotira joins the table from Iryna


How did you come in touch with Oudezijds100 ?
We got acquainted with the Community from the stories of my son, Ilya, who lived here for 2 years. We were very happy that he lives in a Christian community and has fellowship with other believers.

What were your first impressions?
Our first impressions were very positive, we rejoiced that he lived in a Christian environment, and hoped that he would have Christian friends in the Community.

What does the community mean to you and to your family ?
Now the Community occupies one of the main places in our life. Firstly, we are very grateful that we were accepted to live in the Community when we left Ukraine from the war. Secondly, we found Christian fellowship and new friends here.

How is living in the centre of Amsterdam different than your hometown in Ukraine?
Life in the center of Amsterdam is completely different from life in my hometown. But during this time (1 year and 2 months) I really fell in love with Amsterdam. Of course, I notice shortcomings: crowds of tourists who do not always behave adequately, noise in the street until late at night. But I also notice clean air, clean water, beautiful architecture. So every day I thank God that I am here now.

How do you experience life in the community ?
I love life in the Community very much. Of course, I can’t always take an active part in this life, because I work hard to help my children and mom, who are also here. But I’m happy to be part of the Community!

What are the advantages of living in a community, and what are the challenges ?
The benefits of living in the Community are enormous! Firstly, immediately after our arrival, we were taken to a room where we could take clothes and shoes for ourselves, because we arrived, in fact, empty-handed. Nowadays, we still get help with food – and we are very grateful to all the guys, Maxim, David and others, who go to Albert Heijn in the evenings and bring food. This is great support!

In addition, we immediately received moral support. People treated all Ukrainians very kindly. We were able to find new friends in the Community and receive moral and emotional help.

About the challenges in the Community, I think the main one is that not all people living in the Community are believers. And some people behave quite selfishly. Because of this, various frustrations can occur in communication.

What kind of support was available to you since you started living here?
Since we started living in the Community, we have received various kinds of support:

  1. Food;
  2. Clothing and footwear, home textiles (bed linen and towels);
  3. Joint dinners (food, fellowship, and prayer);
  4. Moral and emotional support;
  5. Special thanks to Paul Folkert who helps fix everything!
  6. And the biggest thanks to Pastor Rick and Lyke for their openness, constant desire to help, and openness in communication!

I am happy to live in the Community and I am grateful to God for every day that I am here!

Mensen uit alle hoeken van de samenleving vormen samen Communitaire Gemeenschap Oudezijds 100. In de binnenstad van Amsterdam proberen wij in leven en werken het evangelie van Jezus Christus present te stellen. Oudezijds 100 biedt concreet hulp door inloop, maatschappelijke opvang, begeleid wonen, medisch maatschappelijk werk en medische zorg voor onverzekerden. De woongemeenschap functioneert hierin als groot gezin en oefenschool, die de hulpverlening ondersteunt.

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