Become a volunteer at Kruispost

Become a volunteer at Kruispost

Our team is made up of about 80 volunteers and professionals. Among our ranks we count:

– General practitioners

– Fysiotherapists

– Social workers

– Psychologists

– Lawyers

– Receptionists

Throughout the year we are urgently in need of medical pratitioners with a BIG registration and receptionists (no specific education required). If you belong to one of these groups and would like to volunteer at Kruispost you can mail us at:

People from all corners of society together form the Oudezijds 100 Communal Community. In the city center of Amsterdam we try to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in life and work. Oudezijds 100 offers concrete help through walk-in, social care, assisted living, medical social work and medical care for the uninsured. The residential community functions as a large family and training school, which supports the care provision.

Oudezijds 100
T 020 – 626 66 34

T 020 – 624 90 31

Maria ter Claesze
T 0516 – 57 72 92
F 0516 – 57 74 99

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