Who we are

Who we are

The Kruispost is a medical center offering medical and psychosocial care to people who generally do not qualify for the mainstream healthcare system i.e. uninsured people, homeless people and asylum seekers. The medical care at this center is offered on the same level as that of a general practitioner. We also offer social and psychological help as it is our experience that our patients often need more than mere medical treatment.

If a patient falls outside of our target audience the receptionist will redirect them to an appropriate organisation. If, during a consult, it becomes clear that the patient falls outside of our target audience we’ll consider it a one-off and inform the patient of alternatives in the future.

Kruispost does not provide help for people with chronic addiction. We refer these patients to allied organisations such as the GGD or Jellinek.

Kruispost makes every effort to provide care that is at the same level as general practitioners. As such we expect a maximum engagement of our medical staff to provide the best care possible and all of them are familiar with the Dutch national healthcare standards and protocols. Our doctors can ask for additional research like blood, urine or radiological tests. Patients will be treated according to the Dutch standards for general practitioners and will be redirected to secondary care if needed for more adequate treatment.

The most common ailments we encounter are cardiovascular and digestive problems. If a treatment of a patients warrants additional psychosocial support the doctor will refer them to one of the social workers or psychologists at Kruispost. At the end each consult we ask the patient for a small contribution of € 5,- if they can afford it.

Kruispost is open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 to 12:30 AM and from 19:00 to 21:30 PM. There will always be a minimum of two doctors available plus a receptionist to welcome patients who show up without an appointment. Because most of our patients come from abroad there is often a language barrier. If possible we advise patience to bring along someone who can translate to the consult.

People from all corners of society together form the Oudezijds 100 Communal Community. In the city center of Amsterdam we try to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in life and work. Oudezijds 100 offers concrete help through walk-in, social care, assisted living, medical social work and medical care for the uninsured. The residential community functions as a large family and training school, which supports the care provision.

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