Supporting specialties

Supporting specialties

Our work is made possible by the combined efforts of our employees and volunteers. Not just doctors, but also our specialists and paramedics are indispensable. All our specialized services are provided after a consult during the general screening hours. At our medical center we offer the following treatments:

1. Dentist
Once a week a dentist is present at our facility. The receptionist will plan the consult. The activities of our dentists are limited to extraction and advice. An extraction costs €10,-; advice costs €5,-.

2. Dermatologist
Dermatologist Van Eendenburg at the Reguliersgracht treats patients with complex skinproblems who have a reference from Kruispost.

3. Ophthalmologist
Doctor Seper is available twice a week for consults regarding eye disorders. Patients have to apply for a consult before 8 PM.

4. Somatics
Our practice assistant somatics is available once every two weeks. Patients with (for example) diabetes or high blood pressure can get a reference after an appointment with one of our general practitioners.

5. Physiotherapist
A physiotherapist is available twice a week at our medical center. Group sessions are organized for patients with chronic pain, movement and physical impairments.

6. Social work
Patients in need of psychosocial care or a request for help can be referred to one of our social workers. With less pressing issues, in which a psychologist or psychiatrist can be of use, the general practitioner can refer a patient to a social worker. The social worker will deliberate with the doctor to see if there is a need to refer the patient to the GGZ (Mental Healthcare Service). For more information, look here.

7. Psychologist
The psychologist is present in our facility once a week. Reference to the psychologist takes place in the same way as described in 6. social work.

People from all corners of society together form the Oudezijds 100 Communal Community. In the city center of Amsterdam we try to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in life and work. Oudezijds 100 offers concrete help through walk-in, social care, assisted living, medical social work and medical care for the uninsured. The residential community functions as a large family and training school, which supports the care provision.

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